AVID in the News

The following list compiles articles that are were either written by AVID members or in which AVID members are interviewed.

Holpuch, Amanda. “Revealed: Man Force-Fed in Ice Custody at Risk Due to ‘substandard Care’ Says Doctor.” The Guardian, August 30, 2019, sec. US news. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/aug/30/ajay-kumar-hunger-strike-asylum-seeker-us-detention.
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Lavers, Michael K. “Activists in NM City Rally around LGBT Migrants.” Washington Blade: Gay News, Politics, LGBT Rights, August 7, 2019. https://www.washingtonblade.com/2019/08/07/activists-in-nm-city-rally-around-lgbt-migrants/.
“PHOTOS: Washington Blade Returns to US-Mexico Border, Central America.” Washington Blade: Gay News, Politics, LGBT Rights, August 6, 2019. https://www.washingtonblade.com/2019/08/06/photos-washington-blade-returns-to-us-mexico-border-central-america/.
Sunita Sohrabji. “ICE Force-Hydrating Indian Asylum Seekers in El Paso, Texas in Violation of Constitution, Say Immigrant Advocates.” India West, July 31, 2019. https://www.indiawest.com/news/global_indian/ice-force-hydrating-indian-asylum-seekers-in-el-paso-texas/article_2304d8c4-b2fc-11e9-84fa-23c1297e61c9.html.
Martinez, Aaron. “ACLU Demands End to ‘inhumane’ Force Feeding at El Paso ICE Processing Center.” El Paso Times, July 25, 2019. https://www.elpasotimes.com/story/news/immigration/2019/07/25/aclu-demands-end-inhumane-force-feeding-el-paso-ice-processing-center/1818280001/.
Quintana, Celina. “Migrants Moved to El Paso after 10-Day Hunger Strike at Otero County Facility.” KTSM, July 19, 2019. https://www.ktsm.com/immigration/migrants-moved-to-el-paso-after-10-day-hunger-strike-at-otero-county-facility/.
Montes, Aaron. “Indian Asylum Seekers on Hunger Strike Transferred to El Paso ICE Detention Facility.” El Paso Times, July 18, 2019. https://www.elpasotimes.com/story/news/2019/07/18/asylum-seekers-hunger-strike-transferred-el-paso-ice-detention-facility/1773475001/.
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Esquivel, Erika. “Advocate Group Says Five Men on Hunger Strike at Otero County Processing Center.” KFOX, July 15, 2019. http://kfoxtv.com/news/local/advocate-group-says-five-men-on-hunger-strike-at-otero-county-processing-center.
Washington, John. “‘I Feel Like I’m Disappearing’: Transgender Migrants Are Languishing in Detention Centers.” Medium, June 19, 2019. https://gen.medium.com/i-feel-like-im-disappearing-transgender-migrants-are-languishing-in-detention-centers-b5794f1195a5.
Craig, Nathan, and Margaret Brown Vega. “Trans Asylum Seeker Dies After Pleading to ICE for Medical Care.” The Nation, June 4, 2019. https://www.thenation.com/article/ice-otero-joa-transgender-death/.
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DMSC. “Hunger Striker Press Conference at Las Americas.” Social Media. Facebook, March 14, 2019. https://www.facebook.com/DMSCElPaso/videos/2004418119862367/.
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Meng, Grace. “Thank You to Margaret Brown Vega & Nathan Craig for Witnessing the Horrors Facing the Men on Hunger Strike in Immigration Detention in El Paso.” Tweet. @grace_meng, March 7, 2019. https://twitter.com/grace_meng/status/1103795472194461696.
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