AVID meeting notes Jan 14, 2020

Location: MBV and NC home

Present: Margaret Brown Vega, Nathan Craig, Veronica Carrillo, Nora Spicer, Kate Michalske.

Topics: Finances, Volunteer Engagement, Visit Reports

  1. Finances
  • Still need a way to accept donations and a way to store money.
  • Veronica and Kate indicate that we need to find a registered agent. Initial looks seem to suggest the cost ranges from $300-500/yr. Cindy’s New Mexico LLC was one option that came up but is in ABQ. Regis was another outfit.
  • The registered agent is needed for and EIN which in turn is required for either LLC or UNA option (see below).
  • Veronica will look into registered agent options, indicated she would report back next week.
  • Margaret will approach El Calvario about using their address or fiscal sponsorship.
  • The other option is an Unincorporated Nonprofit Association (UNA). While a registered agent is not required for a UNA, it is recommended if the UNA is to last more than a year or is likely to be prominent. If AVID goes the UNA route, it seems like a RA is important.
  1. Volunteer Engagement
  • Nora, Kate, and Veronica will begin to develop informal volunteer meetings in El Paso.
  • The current plan is for monthly meetings that will take place in coffee shops or restaurants.
  • Veronica is planning the first meeting. It is scheduled for Feb 1 at 11:00 AM location TBD. Planning will occur on a rotating basis.
  • Generally we decided that we would begin using the forum for a wider range of purposes that include ride sharing and informal meetings.
    • There was some concern about who was a member of the group, the appropriateness of news postings, and the tenor of some correspondence.
    • There was concern that forum members do not know who else is on the forum. NC checked the group’s visibility permissions and they are set to allow members of the group see who else is a member.
    • We discussed and ultimately decided against forming a WhatsApp group for communication on issues like ride sharing or informal meetings.
  1. Visit Reports
  • Nora will review the reports account.
  • Nora and Kate will work together to draft a letter inviting AVID volunteers to submit visit reports and directing them to the reports account.
  • We agreed to have weekly email reminders prompting volunteers to submit visit reports of any kind. Those will be sent from the reports address to the AVID Volunteers google group. NC will need to give posting permission to the Reports email address.
  • There was discussion about what is entailed in writing visit reports, what kinds of details constitute concerns, how to discern indirect complaints, and what is done with reports after they are submitted.
  • There was discussion of having focused training on writing visit reports.
  • Will need to establish a list of active visitation relationships. We will need a place for the file, the file will need to be updated bi-monthly.
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