AVID July 2021 Position Statement

AVID released a position statement July 2, 2021. The statement is built around four points. In summary, we: Call on the Biden Administration to close OCPC for a history of violating DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’s foundational principle of not tolerating the mistreatment of individuals in civil immigration detention. Request that Congress cut funding for immigration … Read moreAVID July 2021 Position Statement

Process by Torment

AVID and Innovation Law Lab released a report detailing the immigration experiences of individuals who were detained at the Otero County Processing Center. The report covers pre-ICE Detention (Customs and Border Protection custody and Migrant Protection Protocols), experiences in ICE Detention, and Legal Issues that arose while detained. Download Report Executive Summary (Descargar el Resumen … Read moreProcess by Torment

Pains and Profits of Immigration Imprisonment

AVID in collaboration with professor Neil Harvey (NMSU) and students Emily Durkin (NMSU), Daniela Navarro Verdugo (Cal Poly Pomona), Brennan Ramsey (NMSU), Fernanda Reyes (U. Kansas), and Avigail Turima Romo (Columbia) released a report on the condition of migrants detained at the Otero County Processing Center. The report, supported by National Science Foundation (NSF) Research … Read morePains and Profits of Immigration Imprisonment

NM Rural Prison Hosting

The construction of prisons and detention centers in rural areas is frequently based on the untested assumption that the facilities will bring jobs. Thus, prisons are often promoted as rural development tools that will create jobs and stimulate rural communities. Numerous regional and national level studies (listed below) demonstrate that rural prison hosting does not … Read moreNM Rural Prison Hosting

Cumulative COVID-19 Cases in ICE Detention

Here’s another look at data illustrating the need to #FreeThemAll. The plot below shows cumulative COVID-19 counts over time for all facilities as reported by ICE and compiled via the Wayback Machine. The legend lists facilities in the order they first appeared on the ICE COVID-19 website. Facilities at the top appeared earlier while those … Read moreCumulative COVID-19 Cases in ICE Detention

COVID-19 in ICE detention by the numbers June wrap up

This month, DHS OIG issued a new report on COVID-19 in ICE detention. The report begins by noting that the number of positive cases “has risen dramatically” and that ICE detention facilities are unable to practice social distancing or to properly quarantine infected individuals. A couple of notes: Our letters to members of the NM … Read moreCOVID-19 in ICE detention by the numbers June wrap up

Tell Lujan Grisham to end ICE detention transfers in NM

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, called on organizations and individuals to sign-on to a letter requesting that New Mexico Governor Lujan Grisham immediately stop transfers into and between ICE contract detention facilities in New Mexico. The letter was delivered June 25, 2020 and we are no longer accepting signatures. 20 organizations and 99 … Read moreTell Lujan Grisham to end ICE detention transfers in NM

Local Deaths in ICE Detention

This page summarizes documents regarding local deaths in ICE detention. Deaths are known to have occurred at the Otero County Processing Center (OCPC), the El Paso Service Processing Center, and the Cibola County Correctional Center (CCCC). Otero County Processing Center These documents conspicuously leave out Johana Media Leon who was killed by MTC’s medical negligence. … Read moreLocal Deaths in ICE Detention

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