Otero County Processing Center Literature

This post is a compilation of documents related to the Otero County Processing Center (OCPC) managed by Management and Training Corporation (MTC). Included in this list are advocate and government reports, news articles, and ICE inspections revealed by FOIA. Each section is ordered by date with the most recent materials on top.

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Advocating for detained migrants with disabilities

Tuesday November 6, 2018 was the monthly program coordinators conference call for FFI’s national network of local programs. During this month’s call, one of the primary themes was advocating for detained migrants with disabilities. Relevant information from that discussion is presented below along with key portions of the ICE detention standards.ICE is required to make “reasonable accommodation” for individuals they detain who have disabilities. The Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center has a page on the Rights of Detained Immigrants with Disabilities. In terms of what constitutes a disability, many of us are familiar with mobility and vision issues. However, disability covers a far wider spectrum of conditions that can include certain kinds of mental health conditions, cognitive impairment, or things like diabetes that we might generally consider “medical” issues. These conditions can also constitute disabilities for which ICE is required to make “reasonable accommodation”.

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Questions about personal property

Recently, a volunteer asked about a detained individual’s personal items that included identity documents, money, and a copy of the Quran. The following post cites portions of the current ICE standards as a reference that volunteers can consider when evaluating if ICE agents are following ICE rules regarding the personal property of detained individuals.

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AVID in the Chihuahuan Desert new launch

Thank you for visiting us. Advocate Visitors with Immigrants in Detention (AVID) in the Chihuahuan Desert is a new launch of CIVIC Las Cruces, an organization dedicated to 1) visiting and writing to individuals in immigration detention and 2) advocating for the end of immigration detention. This new website serves a point of contact for … Read moreAVID in the Chihuahuan Desert new launch