Pen Pal

Immigration detention is an incredibly isolating experience. It can lead to severe depression and psychological trauma. We believe that human contact can help mitigate this isolation and trauma. Pen pal correspondence with detained individuals is an important facet of our activities. Corresponding as a pen pal is also a way that AVID volunteers who cannot travel to detention facilities can remain actively involved in ending the isolation of immigration detention. If you or someone you know is confined at an immigration detention facility, please contact us and we will do our best to either correspond as a pen pal or visit you personally. If you would like to serve as a pen pal, please contact us. If you are a currently corresponding with someone and have questions, please check our volunteer resources.

Felix Nchang Ndikum 02
Drawing made by Felix Nchang Ndikum while he was detained at the El Paso Service Processing Center.
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